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Level 1

Introduction to Occlusion: Principles & Benefits

4-5 Oct 2019 Dorchester
16-17 November 2019 Birmingham
more dates coming soon!

Level 2 hands on

Appliance Course

6-7 July 2019
Kendrick View Dental Practice in Reading

Level 3

3 weekend training sessions:
Weekend 1: TBC
Weekend 2: TBC
Weekend 3: TBC

14-15 June 2019

Direct Restoration of the Worn Anterior Dentition: A Roadmap to the Complex Case (hands on)

This Master class is designed to allow the experienced practitioner to confidently approach more challenging anterior cases starting with transferring information from the patient to the articulator, functionally planning the smile design and occlusal scheme on the articulator and finally accurately transferring the treatment plan back from the articulator to the patients mouth in a predictable time efficient manner.

16-17 November 2019

Revolutionise the way you see teeth! Spot the signs of occlusal disease in your patients: toothwear, cracked teeth, lost fillings, mobile teeth, recession, headaches and pain.

11 Oct 2019
Portland House, Bressenden Place, Victoria, London SW1E 5RS

Biomechanical, Occlusal and Aesthetic Precision in Complex Cases

Success of dental restorations should not only be measured by immediate outcomes such as patient comfort and appearance, but also by long-term survival and stability of the definitive restorations.

Long-term success is dependent on the level of precision at which treatment is carried out. The three main areas in which this precision should be focused are precision of fit, occlusal precision, and aesthetic precision.

This full day masterclass will outline progressive and predictable steps and techniques to achieve these precise end points. BSOS members can book for £195, Non-members for £395.