Applied Occlusal Principles

Once you have a good understanding of the theory of occlusion and have mastered Appliances it’s time to move on to the next level. Applied Occlusal Principles teaches you the Hands-On Skills to manage your patients, using your own patients!

This hands-on programme is conducted in a modern, well equipped multi-operatory Private Practice in Reading utilising one-on-one supervision with patients from your own practice, making this the most practical, efficient and cost-effective occlusion learning experience available in dentistry.

These sessions teach you to treat your own patients:

  • How to conduct a thorough occlusal examination, how to manipulate your patient to CR, how to carry out muscle and joint palpation.
  • How to find Centric Relation, how to take a Facebow and Bite Records, and how to use them to properly mount your own models on an articulator.
  • How to choose an articulator, how to set it for your patient and how to use it properly.
  • How to make, adjust and review your Stabilisation Splints.
  • More practice with Jigs, Quicksplints and partial Appliances.
  • We explain why Equilibration is misunderstood and why it DOESN’T damage teeth in a properly selected patient. We show you how to assess and Equilibrate your patient’s models and how you can use additive and reductive techniques to create a harmonious Occlusion for your patient.
  • The big cases. Why a correctly functioning occlusion is essential for restorative cases.

As well as learning all these skills, we will teach you more about TMD, including an introduction to Intra-capsular issues, so you'll know when and how you can treat these patients and whether you should be concerned if your patient has a click.

Occlusion Management is fundamental to the delivery of first class dentistry and occlusal knowledge saves you from many mistakes and failures.


To secure your place, we require a deposit of £400 then equal staged payments.

Normally patients pay their lab costs.

The total cost will be: £4800

Don’t worry, we will give you guidance to help you find the right patients.

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