The BSOS Committee

Dr Roy Higson

Dr Roy Higson, President (Honorary)

Roy is our President. He is also on the Advisory Board of Dental Protection and the Board of the International Partnership for the Study of Occlusion. He has taught both theory and hands-on occlusion at all levels around the world for over 25 years.

Dr Alison O'Donnell

Dr Alison O'Donnell Chair


Dr Jette Holbrook

Dr Jette Holbrook, Retiring Chairman

I qualified from Copenhagen Dental School in 1984 and have been in General Practice in York, with my husband Steven, since 1989 where we treat all aspects of TMD. I did my initial occlusal training as an undergraduate and then further postgraduate training between 1995 and 1996 with Niles Guichet and the International Partnership for the Study of Occlusion, to become a full member of BSOS. I am currently Chair. I obtained further training in Florida & Kentucky under the tutelage of Profs Henry Gremillion and Jeff Okeson in Orofacial Pain, TMD and occlusion and haven been a member of the American Equlibration Society since 2004.
I became a clinical instructor with Roy Higson in 2005 and more recently with BSOS.
I completed my MSc in Restorative Dentistry from UCL in 2012.

Dr Lawerance Murray

Dr Laurence Murray, Director of Education

I qualified from Dundee University in 1981 and worked in several practices in the south of England before joining Abbots Lodge in 1984 and became a partner in 1988. I started my interest in occlusion when I heard Dr Niles Guichet in 1989 and then followed a structured 3 year training programme run by IPSO and taught Dr Bill Comcowich, Dr John Bassett and Dr Peter Nissler. I have maintained an interest in occlusion and how it is important in all facets of dentistry. I also treat patients with TMD and those who suffer from chronic headaches and neckaches. I have been placing implants since 1996 and accept referrals for these and other advanced restorative treatments; in addition I have a contract with the local health authority for orthodontics and oral surgery. I lecture on occlusion and advanced dentistry both here and abroad and I am currently the Director of Education for the British Society for Occlusal Studies (BSOS).
I have three children. Outside of work I enjoy Sailing, skiing, golf and cycling.

Hamish Morton

Dr Hamish Morton, Treasurer

Family Dentist. Enjoys his Dentistry. Graduated 1991 Glasgow, Postgraduate education at Oxford.

Dr Mark Hargreaves

Dr Mark Hargreaves, AES Member

Originally from Blackpool, Mark qualified at Guy’s Hospital, University of London and is a Partner at Kendrick View Dental Practice in Reading. As well as general dentistry he has developed considerable skills in occlusion and TMD, treating patients with problem bites and with head and neck pain related to their bite. He is well known and respected in local and national dental circles, and as well as BSOS he is a member of the British Dental Association, Newbury Study Group, the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the American Equilibration Society, for whom he is the UK representative BSOS Liaison and a Board Member. Mark is an instructor for BSOS and looks after the website.

Dr Devin Vaghela

Dr Devin Vaghela Member BDS (Bris), MFDS RCS Eng., Adv. Aesthetic Dentistry Cert. (UCL)

Devin qualified with a bachelor’s degree in dentistry at the University of Bristol in 2005 and obtained membership of the Royal College of Surgeons, England, in 2008. Following graduation, he worked at the Oral and Maxillofacial surgery unit at Torbay Hospital before entering general practice, where he now works as part of a multi-disciplinary specialist team. His interests lay in dental occlusion and functional corrections including jaw joint problems (TMD) and how these may relate to problems with teeth, rehabilitations with implants, in the management of advanced tooth wear, and in dental sleep medicine. A sincere commitment to postgraduate education and mentorship has led him to train and work alongside some of the foremost opinion leaders in dentistry, both locally and internationally.