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BSOS is a society for dentists and dental professionals who have an interest in Occlusion, the study of the dynamic relationship between the surfaces of the teeth and how they move in function.  This encompasses both restorative dentistry, where the aim is to create or regain correct function (chewing, speaking etc), and parafunctional activities, such as bruxism (clenching and grinding the teeth), which may contribute to painful and damaging conditions included within the umbrella term TMD (Temporo-Mandibular Disorders).

BSOS was set up in 1982 by a small group of dentists including Roy Higson, Peter Watson, John Hyde and Andy Lane, who had realised they lacked knowledge in the subject. Roy studied at the world-renowned Pankey Institute in Key Biscane, Florida.

To this day, Occlusion is still poorly understood by most dentists, partly due to a lack of teaching of the subject in dental schools. All BSOS members have undergone a thorough training and can demonstrate a knowledge of the subject; full members having undergone a much more rigorous and wide-ranging training including being able to equilibrate appropriate patients.

Full Membership is by invitation only which is made to practicing dentists who have completed an arduous training programme which typically takes 5 years to complete.  Associate membership is open to all dentists and PCDs  who can demonstrate an interest in, and background knowledge of, occlusion and TMD.

The Society has 180 members who practice in all regions of the United Kingdom.

Speakers who are at the leading edge of research and practice, are flown in from all around the world to make presentations at the Society’s Study Meetings.

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