Become a BSOS member

There are two levels of BSOS membership – Full membership and Associate membership. Technicians and other associated health care professionals are eligible to become associate members, but can apply for full membership by demonstrating relevant skills to the executive committee. The cost of joining and course fees will be the same for full and associate members.


Why Join BSOS

We are a busy dental group which organise hands on occlusal training

We are friendly and approachable

Discounts on seeing and hearing the best speakers in the world

Advice of treatment and care for patients



Full membership:

  • To be entitled to full membership it will have to be shown that the applicant has done training including handson appliances and a full equilibration as a minimum.
  • They will need to be proposed and seconded by 2 full members.
  • Full members details will appear on the society’s website
  • Can use the BSOS logo
  • Can vote at our meetings
  • May hold office in the society

Associate membership

  • Applicants will have to show that they have done a minimum of two days education in occlusion.
  • They will need to be proposed and seconded by 2 full members.
  • They have to commit to attending at least 12 hours of our meetings, every 2 years.
  • Their details will not appear on the website.
  • They will not be able to vote.
  • They will not be able to hold office in the society.
  • They will not be allowed to use BSOS logo


Once accepted please complete the form below


Return the DD mandate to us with a cheque of £100 (made payable to BSOS) for your joining fee, to BSOS Office, PO Box 3064, Reading, RG1 9WH