Comprehensive Appliance Course

Session 1: Fundamentals of Dental Occlusion

Session 2: Occlusal Assessment, Appliance Design and Adjustment

Date to be confirmed Autumn 2024

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Comprehensive Appliance Course

Theory & Hands-on

Session 1
Autumn 2024

Session 2
Autumn 2024

Occlusal Equilibration Program

Three Weekends

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Direct Restoration of the Worn Anterior Dentition: A Roadmap to the Complex Case (hands on)

TBC Autumn 2025

This Master class is designed to allow the experienced practitioner to confidently approach more challenging anterior cases starting with transferring information from the patient to the articulator, functionally planning the smile design and occlusal scheme on the articulator and finally accurately transferring the treatment plan back from the articulator to the patients mouth in a predictable time efficient manner.

Dr John Cranham

Date TBC

Dr. John Cranham's postponed 2 day Study Day in person. Date to be confirmed

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