Comprehensive Appliance Course

Theory & Hands-on

Comprehensive Appliance Course

Session 1: Fundamentals of Dental Occlusion

Theory (mandatory)
Hilton Hotel Drake Way, Reading RG2 0GQ

Friday evening, 8th March 2024
Saturday full day, 9th March 2024

Session 2: Occlusal Assessment, Appliance Design and Adjustment

Practical Skills
Kendrick View, Berkshire

Saturday full day, 11th May 2024
Sunday full day, 12th May 2024


As Basil Mizrahi and Jason Smithson agree: once you can adjust an occlusal appliance insightfully and intelligently you have the skills to provide complex full mouth dentistry in time.

bsos comprehensive applicance course

Comprehensive Appliance Course

Fundamentals of Dental Occlusion

Theory (mandatory)
9 hours CPD

Session One: Friday night and all day Saturday.

An evening and a further day packed with a theoretical knowledge base on Occlusion and why it affects everything we do in dentistry. Several highly experienced tutors give you an understanding of occlusal principles and it’s impact day to day as well as when undertaking more complex treatment. We will also touch on airway, sleep and TMD.

On completion you qualify to partake in the 2 day practical program which focuses on patient diagnosis and assessment, appliance and occlusal design, fabrication and adjustment of Appliances.

Occlusal Assessment, Appliance Design & Adjustment

Practical Skills
12 hours CPD
Kendrick View Dental Practice, Berkshire, RG1 5BL

Session Two: All day Saturday and Sunday.

Small group practical learning under the close supervision of your highly experienced mentors.
The delegates work in groups of three, taking turns as dentist,  nurse and the patient.  Each stage is carefully monitored so that at the end you will have your own individual, fully adjusted, high quality appliance. We have found this arrangement gives a great experience and insight for participants.

Each delegate will be given course notes and access to a private group with mentors and fellow delegates who attended the course to keep in touch and have any questions answered subsequently.

On completion you will have the knowledge to assess occlusal problems, design and adjust appliances on your own patients and have a better understanding of TMD.

NB: the practical course will concentrate on anterior deprogrammers and full adjusted hard occlusal appliances.

Theory Only


  • Learn the "Fundamentals of Dental Occlusion" over one evening and one full day, giving you the theory required to partake in the 2-day practical program. These first sessions are mandatory and must be attended prior to the practical days. However, the theory days can be attended alone, without completing the second part of the programme. We do recommend completing both parts of the course to confidently be able to assess and treatment plan cases based on sound occlusal principles.

Theory + 2 Day Practical

£2,190 + £240 lab fee

  • Full Comprehensive Appliance Course: Theory days "Fundamentals of Dental Occlusion" plus two practical days "Occlusal Assessment, Appliance Design & Adjustment". You will have the knowledge to assess, design and adjust appliances on your own patients after completing this course.

Member Refresher (Theory only)


  • Only BSOS members who have already completed the 3 day course "Occlusion in everyday dentistry... and beyond" or the "Comprehensive Appliance Course" are eligible for the refresher price.

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Comprehensive Appliance Course*
Only BSOS members who have already completed the 3 day course "Occlusion in everyday dentistry... and beyond" are eligable for the refresher price. PLEASE NOTE: total cost is course fee plus lab fee for impressions.

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