Article in the Times newspaper September 2019

04 September 2019

Teeth grinding — what really happens when you sleep September 3 2019, 12/01am, Does your dentist want you to wear a mouthguard? Youʼre not alone. Bruxism is on the rise. Itʼs not necessarily a bad thing, the experts tell Helen Rumbelow One in ten of us reports that we grind our teeth at night There…

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Mark Hargreaves - articulator

Quality, precision equipment

05 June 2019

Mark Hargreaves, instructor for the British Society for Occlusal Studies, explains the importance of working with the right articulator when it comes to occlusion and why the Denar 300 series fits the bill The British Society for Occlusal Studies (BSOS) is a group for dentists and technicians and other dental professionals who have a particular…

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Setting the scene for articulators article in the Probe today

28 November 2018

Making the most of her role as UK Occlusion Product Specialist at Prestige Dental, Jennifer Ball considers how the articular is transforming practice and patient life.   Prestige article ( PDF format)

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Jette J Holbrook steps down as Chair of BSOS

23 September 2018

Report from Chair – BSOS AGM – Friday 7th September 2018 Once upon a time there was a young dental student who was taught about bite physiology and found it somewhat dull even as she was being educated in the happiest country in the world. As she settled into her job in England in July…

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Introduction to Occlusion: 2 day theory and practical: 15th,16th November 2018: Cambridge

23 September 2018

Course aims: The aim of this course is to explain how to record and use centric relation and how to make a splint. The speaker will: Describe how to use a facebow recording in order to accurately mount an upper model Explain how to use a Leaf Gauge and centric relation records to mount a…

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Why learn about Dental Occlusion ?

17 September 2018

Occlusion – it’s a tricky, confusing subject, isn’t it? Most of us weren’t taught about occlusion (or at least, not well-taught) when we were at Dental School. Just how should the teeth meet and move over each other? – And, more importantly, does it matter?   Here are some of the things to think about…

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Burt Reynolds interesting Occlusion story

14 September 2018

Here is An excerpt from Burt Reynolds Obituary which was published recently:- Reynolds found his run of success ending abruptly during the filming of a fight scene in 1984 when he was accidentally struck on the jaw with an iron chair. Reynolds developed temporomandibular joint disease, but the condition remained undiagnosed for almost a year.…

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Michael Melkers our September speaker’s articles

17 June 2018

Dental town articles   Diagnosing Yes – A Patient-centered Approach to Treatment Success Michael J. Melkers, DDS, FAGD   Podcasts From Michael Melkers ( starts about 12 minutes into podcast)

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URGENT: MEDICAL DEVICE RECALL Elements Obturation Unit with Buchanan Heat Pluggers

26 April 2018

13 March 2018 Dentists have been alerted that the Sybron Endo Corporation have issued an initial voluntary medical device recall for the Buchanan Heat Pluggers, ONLY when used with the Elements Obturation Unit (EOU). Sybron Endo have become aware that on rare occasions the heat pluggers tips have been found to overheat and may exceed…

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How to record a facebow ( earbow) by Mark Hargreaves

22 March 2018
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