"The Digital Dilemma" with John Cranham

If, when and why should we make the transition?

2 Day Course

Date TBC

Join us for John Cranham's unmissable BSOS 2 Day Course 'The Digital Dilemma' focusing on if, when and why should we make the transition?

John Cranham

The BSOS welcomes back Dr. Cranham for a special 2 Day Course, to address one of the most important questions that plagues the minds of functionally minded dentists. We all know scanners exist, but what can they really do? Is it possible to design functionally correct occlusal schemes utilizing digital scanning and virtual articulation? How do the workflows change? Is it as efficient or more efficient than working with analog articulators?

Come to Manchester to hear Dr. Cranham discuss his transition to digital. As an early adopter of CBCT technology and digital scanning he has visualized the possibilities of virtual articulation for over a decade. Recent advances in software as well as hardware have created workflows that are exceeding his expectations. You will get a detailed glimpse into what is possible today, as well as discussing the cost investment required to go down this road. Special emphasis will be placed on the potential ROI (return on investment) and if this makes sense for dentists at various stages in their career.

You Will Learn:

  • How Dr. Cranham has put away his Denar Articulators and is relying 100% on digital scans and virtual articulation.
  • What a digital workflow looks like from data acquisition (in centric relation), to virtual face bow, mounting, trial equilibration, wax-up, provisionalization, laboratory communication, and case delivery.
  • The cost and business models regarding the transitioning to the digital world, who should consider it, and who should stick with what has been working for decades.

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