Jette J Holbrook steps down as Chair of BSOS

Report from Chair – BSOS AGM – Friday 7th September 2018 Once upon a time there was a young dental student who was taught about bite physiology and found it somewhat dull even as she was being educated in the happiest country in the world. As she settled into her job in England in July…

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Why learn about Dental Occlusion ?

Occlusion – it’s a tricky, confusing subject, isn’t it? Most of us weren’t taught about occlusion (or at least, not well-taught) when we were at Dental School. Just how should the teeth meet and move over each other? – And, more importantly, does it matter?   Here are some of the things to think about…

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Sudden death of James Hooper

Dear Member, It is with great sadness that we have to inform the membership of the sudden death of James Hooper.  James died at home, of a heart attack, in the early hours of Tuesday 14th November. We are all shocked.  Most of you will know James, he was a familiar face at meetings. He…

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