WhatsApp Updates

You can now receive updates directly from the BSOS on whatsapp! We will send you information on early bird tickets for BSOS courses as well as useful tips and tricks.

To get started click on the button below from your mobile phone:

  1. You will see a service message asking if you want to open WhatsApp. Tap ‘Open’
  2. WhatsApp will open and you will see ‘Sign me up to the BSOS WhatsApp updates’ in the message field. Tap ‘send’
  3. You will receive a welcome message with instructions to save our WhatsApp number to your contacts on your mobile. You will need to do this in order to continue receiving updates from us.
  4. You are now signed up and will receive updates and info on BSOS events.

Important note - your phone number will only be used to receive news alerts from BSOS.

Your phone number will NOT be exposed to other people who use the service.