Susan is a supervisor with Marks and Spencer. She is married with two children and has developed regular headaches over the last nine months. A very attractive woman, Susan takes pride in her appearance and saw one of our members when she noticed that her front teeth had begun to wear down. She had not been involved in an accident and was very concerned when her delightful smile started to look flat at the front.

Our member was concerned that a crown that Susan had had fitted on an upper back tooth nine months previous, appeared to be deflecting her lower jaw forwards when she closed her teeth together. He also noted that Susan’s facial muscles were very tight when he tried to move her lower jaw. A deprogrammer was made which produced an immediate relaxation in the tight muscles. This, along with a second plastic appliance stopped the wear from deteriorating any further. Plaster cast of Susan’s teeth were studied on a special piece of equipment and further work on the plaster cast suggested that the crown was the major error in her bite. Once the crown had been adjusted into its correct shape, the wear on Susan’s teeth stopped. The tightness in her muscles resolved and excessive sensitivity of her teeth to cold and warmth was dramatically improved.


Sometimes, bite errors can be introduced by fillings or crowns which are not in harmony with the patients natural jaw movements. Special expertise is required to diagnose and treat such conditions. This patient referred herself on the recommendation of a friend. Good dentists never object to second opinions because a fresh pair of eyes see problems in a clearer context. Susan is delighted with the result achieved for her by our member.