Introduction to Occlusion: Principles & Benefits

Locations and dates

Birmingham 9-10 September 2022
Bradford 18-19 November 2022

Revolutionise the way you see teeth!

  • Spot the signs of occlusal disease in your patients: toothwear, cracked teeth, lost fillings, mobile teeth, recession, headaches and pain.

This is an essential introduction to the principles of Occlusion

Learn the basics to understand the best way to provide restorative, periodontal and orthodontic treatments. Build on that knowledge by learning new skills in a hands-on, practical day.

Courses throughout the UK

We run courses throughout the year in all parts of the UK and are delighted to be able to resume occlusal training.

Various dates and locations throughout the UK will be available to book soon.

Introduction to Occlusion: Principles & Benefits

“The best presentation on this topic I have witnessed and actually the best dental presentation I have received period.”

Day 1 - Theory

This theory course is designed as an Introduction to why learning and understanding about occlusion is fundamental to ALL dentistry. Ideal for those with no previous occlusal training.


  • describe the five basic principles of occlusion
  • demonstrate the anatomy of TMJ and associated musculature
  • illustrate the signs and symptoms of occlusal disease in your patients

Learning Objectives:

  • explain the five basic principles of occlusion
  • describe the anatomy and function of the TMJ and associated musculature
  • to recognise the signs and symptoms of occlusal disease in your patients
Introduction to Occlusion: Principles & Benefits Theory

Day 2 - Practical

This hands-on course is designed to build on the knowledge and skills you’ve gained from the one-day theory.

You will learn:

  • Facebow registration
  • Use of a Leaf Gauge to record centric relation
  • Mounting of study models on an articulator
  • Construction of a lower stabilisation splint on the mounted models

Participants will work in pairs, so that at the end of the day they will have produced an appliance and be wearing one.

Participants will provied their own base plates and study models. Articulators, facebows and all other materials will be provided.

Introduction to Occlusion: Principles & Benefits Practical

"Laurence Murray has learnt from the great teachers in occlusion such as Niles Guichet (inventor of the Denar system) and presents the BSOS programme in an easily digestible way.

His approach is informed and evidence based, yet relaxed and friendly. I strongly recommend all restorative dentists to attend the BSOS course"

Allan Pirie, Glasgow dentist.

Course Details

Price Breakdown

Day 1: Theory


  • Your will learn to describe the basic principles of Occlusion.
  • Your will learn to explain the static & dynamic anatomy of the TMJ & associated musculature
  • Your will learn to introduce the concept of tooth wear and the factors that affect it.

Day 2: Practical


  • You will learn facebow registration and mounting of an upper model
  • You will learn centric relation manipulation; each participant will manipulate and be manipulated by one of the instructors
  • You will learn construction of an anterior jig
  • You will learn to use Leaf Gauge and centric relation records to mount a lower model
  • You will learn construction of a lower stabilisation splint on the mounted models
  • You will learn delivery of the stabilisation splint to the patient

Lead Tutor

Laurence Murray BDS

Laurence qualified from Dundee University in 1981 and worked in several practices in the south before joining Abbots Lodge in 1984 and became a partner in 1988. He is interested in all aspects of dentistry and has attended numerous courses in the UK and abroad especially America. He has been placing implants since 1996 and accepts referrals for them and other advanced restorative treatments. Laurence has a special interest in TMD and the way in which teeth relate to headaches and neckaches and has been lecturing on occlusion and advanced dentistry both here and abroad since 1995. He is currently the Director of Education for the British Society for Occlusal Studies (BSOS). He has a contract with the local health authority for orthodontics and oral surgery.

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