Direct Restoration of the Worn Anterior Dentition: A Roadmap to the Complex Case (hands on)

Dr Jason Smithson BDS (London), DipRestDentRCS (Eng)
14-15 June 2019
Belfast Hilton, 4 Lanyon Place, Belfast, BT1 3LP

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14 hours of CPD (CE)

Course Overview

Historically, Tooth Surface Loss affecting the anterior teeth was treated with full coverage restorations, often to the full mouth; although predictable and durable this approach is expensive both financially and in terms of further iatrogenic loss of tooth structure. More recently, Dahl proposed an approach whereby composite is used additively to restore worn tooth structure: this offers a less expensive, conservative solution, however, it can be somewhat unpredictable to plan and often requires multiple adjustments.

This Master class is designed to allow the experienced practitioner to confidently approach more challenging anterior cases starting with transferring information from the patient to the articulator, functionally planning the smile design and occlusal scheme on the articulator and finally accurately transferring the treatment plan back from the articulator to the patients mouth in a predictable time efficient manner.

Dr Jason Smithson

What you will learn


  • Functionally Generated Smile Design. Begin with the end in mind.
  • A predictable approach to reconstruct worn broken down anterior teeth creating functional occlusions with direct resin.
  • Occlusion in relation to restorative dentistry. Basic TM Joint anatomy and definition of terms (CR|MIP|Guidance). Posselt’s Envelope of Function and its practical application. Facebows and occlusal records. Choosing the Vertical Dimension. Instrumentation: when and why. A whistle-stop tour of the articulator. When to restore conformatively and when to reorganize. Occlusal Splints an overview.
  • How to transfer information from the articulator to the mouth: accurate and repeatable.
  • Dahl- an overview. When it works and when it is not a good idea.


  • Taking a facebow,
  • Load testing the TMJs and taking a CR Occlusal Record with a Leaf Gauge.
  • Fabricate your own Anterior Mid-Point Stop Appliance (AMPSA) and deprogram your Lateral Pterygoids.
  • Taking a protrusive record and customizing the condylar path of the articulator.
  • How to fabricate custom incisal guidance table.
  • And much, much more…


  • Resin veneers 2 ways
  • Learn how to completely restore 2 central incisors with worn broken down palatal surfaces using two completely different approaches
    • A simple approach for the busy office
    • An advanced approach to restore ultimate aesthetics

Dr Jason Smithson

Qualified at the Royal London Hospital in 1995; achieving a number of awards including The Constance Klein Memorial, The Stafford Millar, and The Malcolm Jenkins Scholarships, The American Association of Endodontics Prize and the Overall Award for Clinical Dentistry.

After spending 3 years in oral surgery residency in London and a further year practicing restorative dentistry in London’s Harley Street Medical District, he relocated to Cornwall in the extreme southwest of England. Jason practices at Revitalise, Cornwall, UK where his main focus is microscope enhanced adhesive dentistry.

His specific interest is direct composite resin artistry and minimally invasive all ceramic restorations and he has presented to dentists locally, nationally and internationally (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe) on this topic. He is a Post-Graduate Clinical Lecturer in both the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly and Plymouth Foundation Dental Practitioners Schemes.

He has given hands on programs in the UK, Europe, Asia, Canada and USA on behalf of GC, Ivoclar, Kerr, Hereaus, Optident, Micerium, Carl Zeiss, Global, Velopex and Triodent. He is a UK “Opinion Leader” for Cosmedent (Enlighten Smiles), A European “Key Opinion Leader” for Hereaus-Kulzer and is a member of the European Restorative Advisory Board for GC Europe. Jason is Resident Faculty at The Centre for Esthetic Excellence, Chicago, USA. He is an Accredited International Trainer for Carl Zeiss Dental Academy.

Jason has achieved Diplomat Status in Restorative Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons (England).

He is on the Editorial Board of The Russian Journal of Esthetic Dentistry and has published numerous articles on adhesive and aesthetic dentistry in both the UK and abroad. He is joint author of “Vertical Margin Finish Lines In Fixed Prosthodontics”

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