Appliances Course

6-7 July 2019 at Kendrick View Dental Practice in Reading

Hands-On skills to help you learn the Which, Where and When of Appliances and Splints

This is a practical course for dentists who have a theoretical understanding of Occlusion and/or an interest in treating patients with TMD and who want to take the next step. The course is aimed at any dentist who has recently taken the 3 Day Theory Plus Course run by BSOS and IPSO.

This will be a limited participant, very practical hands-on course, run in a Practice Environment. It is designed to give you the confidence and skills to treat your own patients who have Occlusal or TMD Issues, using Appliances. The Course is designed as a Stand-Alone Course but it will also provide a good practical basis if you decide to follow-on with the next stage of the BSOS/IPSO Training system, the 3 Weekend, hands-on Applied Occlusal Principles Course, treating your own patients.

Run over the weekend of July 6th and 7th, our team of instructors will guide you through the process of patient selection, diagnosis, treatment planning and appliance design, prescription and fitting.

What you will learn on this 2-day Hands-On Appliance Course:

  • Practical skills and advanced knowledge so that you are confident to design, fit and adjust Centric Appliances.
  • To be able to correctly fit appliances and achieve ideal contacts.
  • To understand the relevance of canine guidance and to demonstrate neuro-muscular release.
  • To be able to offer Post-Treatment Advice and to review the results of treatment.
  • To make further adjustments to the appliance and to be able to judge when appliance does not need further treatment.
  • To assess if stability has been achieved and when Restorative dentistry can be commenced.

Under close supervision, you will fit a proper lab-made appliance for a colleague, and they will fit one for you. This method gives you the opportunity to practice under close supervision in a safe environment with your instructors helping you with all the finesse, tips and practical knowledge they have gleaned in over 20 years of appliance practice.

Course essentials and fees

For this Appliance Course you will need to have impressions and a bite registration taken of yourself. That’s all. A Facebow is useful but not essential on this occasion. We would like you to try and obtain a CR record using a leaf gauge.  We will send you a leaf gauge in the post, written instructions and a link to online videos reminding you how to take these records.

The course fees are £950 with breakfast and lunches included. To secure your place you will need to pay a deposit of £500 by 13 May 2019.

An additional laboratory fee of £150 is payable for your occlusal appliance. The BSOS is a very sociable group so we plan toy go out for a shared meal on the Saturday night.

We use a well-appointed, multi-surgery Practice with laboratory and teaching areas. Accommodation is very near-by at the Premier Inn.

If you have any further questions please contact the BSOS secretary, Hannah Blay, on:

Reserve your place

  • A deposit payment of £500 is required to secure your place.