BSOS Speakers DVD list for borrowing

BSOS Speakers DVD list for borrowing

Anyone interested have to contact Jette Holbrook and enclose 2 cheques:

1: for postage and insurance £14.30
2: deposit £50


Up to 3 DVDs will be forwarded .. normal return time is 2 weeks.

Jeff Okeson DVDs 1-30:
1: Introduction to TMD and Orofacial Pain: The Problem
2: The Anatomy & Biomechanics of the TMJ
3: Etiology of TMD – Part 1: Orthopedic Stability
4: Etiology of TMD – Part 2: The Relationship of Occlusion
5: Understanding Intracapsular Disorders of the Temporomandibular Joint
6: An Intro to Orofacial Pain: Concepts & Complexity
7: The Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology of Orofacial Pain: The Processing of Pain
8: The Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology of Orofacial Pain: Pain Concepts & Pain Modulation
9: Understanding Referred Pain in Orofacial Structures
10: The History & Examination of the Orofacial Pain
11: Muscle & Joint Pain Disorders: 9 Keys to Differential Diagnosis
12: The use of Diagnostic & Therapeutic Injections – Part 1
13: The use of Diagnostic & Therapeutic Injections – Part 2
14: The Classification of Orofacial Pain
15: Masticatory Muscle Disorders – Part 1
16: Masticatory Muscle Disorders – Part 2
17: Indications & Fabrication of a Stabilisation Appliance
18: Management of Muscle Pain with a Stabilisation Appliance
19: Use of an Anterior Positioning Appliance – Part 1
20: Use of an Anterior Positioning Appliance – Part 2
21: The Dx & Mgt of Migraines & Tension Headaches
22: The Dx & Mgt of Vascular, Neuralgic, & Pain Disorders
23: Dx Mgt of Continuous Neuropathic Disorders Part 1
24: Dx Mgt of Continuous Neuropathic Disorders Part 2
25: Diagnostic Considerations of Non-Odontogenic Toothache
26: Relationship between Orthodontic Therapy & TM Disorders
27: Occlusal Appliances: Types, Indications, Contraindications & Effects
28: The use of Botox in Dentistry
29 & 30: Controversies in Joint Position

The American Equilibration Society:
C6: Myofascial Pain: Dr Bernadette Jaeger.
Fibromyalgia, Dr Mohammed Yunus
AES Pioneer: Dr Carl E Reider
C12: Where is the correct Vertical Dimension? Frank Spear
Closing commenst by President Henry Gremillion

E1: The Future of Dentistry: A Biological Perspective by Dr Henry Gremillion & Relating the TM Joint Condition to Restorative Dentistry by Dr Jim McKee

E2: Functional Occlusion: the Three ‘Ps’ by Dr John Kois (Audio only) and
A System to Capture Functional Beauty by Dr Richard Alpert

E3: An Overview of Neuromuscular Occlusion by Dr Clayton Chan

E4: Joint Based Occlusion by Dr Mark Piper

E5: The Future of Dentistry: A Technological Perspective by Lee Culp, CDT &
Rationale & Techniques of Occlusal Equilibration by Dr Irwin Becker

E6: EMG Activity of the Lateral Pterygoid Muscle at the Basic Condylar Position by Dr Sadayuki Kawamura & Team CAD/CAM Dentistry: The Future is now! By Dr Michael Sesemann

E/: Managing the Worn Dentition by Drs Frank Spear & Vince Kokich Part 1 of 2

E8: Managing the Worn Dentition by Drs Frank Spear & Vince Kokich Part 2 of 2

F7: The Etiology and Diagnosis of the Worn Dentition by Thomas Abrahamsen

F8: Practical Use of Tooth Colored Dental Materials for Occlusal Stabilisation by Dr Terry Donovan

F9: Esthetic Rehabilitation for the Severely Worn Dentiton by Cheerilyn Sheets & Aesthetically & Functionally Restoring the Worn Dentition Cases by Bill Dickerson

F10: Failure Festival Cases 1 & 2 by Rich Cohen & Jacinthe Paquette

1: Diagnostic Challenges of TMD & Orofacial Pain by Dr Jeffrey Okeson

2: 3D Imaging: Applications for TMD & Restorative Dentistry by Dr David Hatcher

3: The Role of Resin Materials In Developing & Maintaining a Stable Functioning Occlusion by Dr David Klaff

4: Esthetic & Occlusal Integration in a Complex Restorative Case by Dr Tal Morr

5: Implant Prosthetic Space Considerations by Dr Keith Phillips

6: Maximising Success by Minimising Risk by Dr Betsy Bakeman

7: Increased Restorative Predictability Through Anterior Guidance by Dr James McKee

8: Contemporary Concepts for Dental Implant Treatment Planning by Dr Lyndon Cooper

9: Predictable Diagnosis & Treatment of Clinical Crown & Gingival Architecture Discrepancies: Innovative Strategies in Anterior Tooth Aesthetics by Dr Stephen Chu.

10: TMD Evaluation & Management in Everyday Practice by Dr Michael Racich

11: The Joy of Creating Ideal Form, Beauty & Function with Chair-side CAD/CAM by Dr Alex Touchstone

12: Establishing TMJ Stability before Finalising the Occlusion by Dr James Howard

13: Jaw Surgery & Occlusion: Optimising Occlusal Relationships Through Reconstructive Jaw Surgery by Dr Stephen Rimer

14: The Esthetic Implant: Site Preparation & Augmentation Techniques by Dr David Garber (Audio only)

– Treatment of the Anteriorly Displaced Disk by Dr Jamieson Spencer
– Joint Replacement Modalities by Dr Larry Wolford
– Micropathology of Idiopathic Joint Disease by Dr G William Arnett
– Posterior Occlusal Stabilisation by Dr John Cranham (unavailable)

Dr Jeffrey Rouse: Is Occlusion Dead or Just Sleeping it Off?
Dr Donald R Tanenbaum: Medical Conditions Posing as TMD
Dr Charles Carlson: Psychological Considerations in the Management of TMD: Red Flags

Dr G William Arnett: Active Condylar Resorption
Dr Mark Piper: Treatment Options for Damaged Temporomandibular Joints
Dr Kurt P Shellas: Pathology and MR Imaging of the Cervical Spine and the Temporomandibular Joints
Jeffrey Dierks, BS Finance
Dr D Rick Summer: A Global Perspective of Bone Disordes in Human Joints
Dr James McKnee: Vertical Dimension: The Key to Understanding Occlusal Problems
Dr David Sarver: The Aging Face: How the Dental Team Enhances Facial and Dental Esthetics for a Lifetime.
Dr Ricahrd Robiee: The Role of Orthodontics in Interdisciplinary Diagnosis and Therapy.
Dr Carl Misch: Key Implant Position (Audio Only)
Dr Dan Spagnoli: Treatment Options if the Teeth are missing and the Bone is missing
Dr Jeff Rouse, Dr Bill Robbins, and Dr Bloyce Britton Part 1 & Part 2: A New Vision of Dental Diagnosis of Treatment Planning

Dr Michael Gunson: Facially Generated Treatment Planning: Orthognathic Surgery (TMJ Considerations)
Dr DeWitt Wilkerson: The Process of Comprehensive Dentistry
Dr Gunnar Carlsson: Centric Relation, Occlusion, Restorative Dentistry/Prosthodontics

Dr Terry Tanaka DVDs:
– Anatomy for Implant Dentists
– Dissections of the Head, Neck and TMJ
– Advanced Dissections of the TMJ
– ABC of Splint Therapy
– Treatment planning:
Part 1: Masticatory Function & Occlusion
Part 2: The Worn Dentition: Treatment Guidelines
Part 3: Guidelines for Esthetic Procedures
Part 4: Clinical Presentations & Interdisciplinary Therapy