Applied Occlusal Principles

Once you have a good understanding of the Theory of Occlusion it’s time to put it to use. Our Small Group practical courses take you to the next level, teaching you the Hands-On Skills to manage your patients, using your own patients!

This hands-on programme is conducted in a modern, well equipped multi-operatory Private Practice in Reading utilising one-on-one supervision with your own patients. Group sessions mean you get to see lots of different cases, lots of different problems and learn how to treat them. Which makes this course the most practical, efficient and comprehensive occlusion learning experience available in UK dentistry.


These sessions teach you to treat your own patients:

  • How to conduct a thorough occlusal examination, how to manipulate your patient to CR, how to carry out muscle and joint palpation.
  • How to confirm Centric Relation, how to take a Facebow and Bite Records and how to use them to properly mount your own models on an articulator.
  • How to choose an articulator, how to set it for your patient and how to communicate your settings to your lab
  • How to make a properly adjusted Stabilisation Splint. Jigs, NTIs and partial splints -when to use and when not to.
  • Why Equilibration DOESN’T damage teeth in a properly selected patient. We show you How to Equilibrate your patient’s models and then Equilibrate your patient.


You will also have an introduction to TMD, giving you an understanding of when and how you may treat these patients and whether you should be concerned if your patient has a clicking or locking jaw joint.
Occlusion Management is fundamental to the delivery of first class dentistry and occlusal knowledge saves you from many mistakes and failures. There is no better format to learn these skills than in limited attendance seminars using hands-on training with your own patients in a Practice environment! Don’t worry, we will give you guidance to help you find the right patients.


Course dates:
Weekend 1: 30-31 March 2019
Weekend 2: 11-12 May 2019
Weekend 3: 6-7 July 2019



To secure your place, we require a deposit of £400 then equal staged payments in February, April and June 2019. Normally patients pay their lab costs.

Places are limited so apply now.
The total cost will be: £3950 if applying before December 1st 2018,
£4450 if applying on or after December 1st 2018
Apply  by email to: